Empower Kidz

At EmpowerKidz, we believe in the unlimited potential of every child

Empowerkidz is a multi-disciplinary system that empowers children to achieve and optimize their learning potential.

Our mission is to teach your child to overcome learning barriers, develop resilience, and attain the lifelong learning abilities that a child needs to thrive at home, at school, and in life.

We teach the whole student by providing practical tools that optimize learning, confidence, and success. We work with individual children or in small groups to develop the underlying learning/processing skills that keep them from achieving their potential. We also focus on reading, writing, spelling, and math remediation. Our goal is for students to become comfortable, independent learners.

Who We Help

We work with children and adults who have learning and attention challenges including:
-Auditory Processing Disorders
-Learning Disabilities
-Attention Deficit
-Executive Functioning Skills
-Processing Skills
-Reading, writing, spelling, math

Through identifying and addressing root causes of their learning or attention challenges, your child can develop the skills needed to work successfully on their own.

How We Help

We use a simple analogy of an athlete to explain what we do. You would not send an athlete on the field without first having trained them. They have to become strong, they need training so they can excel. They may need to run fast, jump, pass, catch, and tackle. Each exercise strengthens a certain muscle group until the entire body is strong. At EmpowerKidz, we are trainers for the sport of learning. We strengthen each muscle group (learning ability) to develop an athlete (student) who is ready for their sport (school).

SOI Learning Ability Assessment

This comprehensive assessment evaluates cognition, memory, problem-solving, evaluation, and creativity. Specific abilities are evaluated in these areas that relate to learning. The SOI assessment delivers a complete profile of each individual including:

  • learning ability strengths
  • areas in need of attention
  • the individual’s dominant learning style
  • suggestions for areas of improvement
  • scores on each SOI subtest
  • what the scores mean

Educational Interventions

Our Educational Instruction is systematic, explicit, sequential, and structured, with a focus on the following areas:

Reading & Spelling

EmpowerKidz offers individualized & small group instruction for students experiencing language-related difficulties using an Orton-Gillingham or Structured Literacy approach, which provides the multi-sensory and systematic foundational skills necessary to enable confident reading and spelling. Orton-Gillingham has been shown through research to be highly effective for students with language-based learning difficulties, such as dyslexia. Prior to starting an O-G program, it is often necessary to first build a strong phonemic awareness of our language, using highly specialized programs to help students develop these critical pre-reading skills.

Fast ForWord is an online language and reading intervention software that targets learning struggles at their core, starting in the brain. Fast ForWord program works with elementary school children, starting at age 5, through middle school, all the way up to high school with

  • reading difficulties
  • auditory processing disorder (APD)
  • speech or language impairment
  • mild to moderate autism
  • dyslexia
  • a learning disability, or
  • children who are struggling at school yet may not qualify for extra help

Math & Writing  

When teaching math to young children, we use an approach that follows Orton-Gillingham methodology.

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