The Davis Group

What Makes The Davis Group Unique?

At The Davis Group our mission is simple: to provide world class, comprehensive therapy services to our clients.

We do that by only hiring the best. 

Therapists vary widely in their skill – training programs range from small, rigorous COAMFTE-accredited (the highest level of Marriage and Family Therapy accreditation) doctoral programs to anonymous diploma-mill masters programs, with each usually producing the results you might expect.

At The Davis Group, our clinicians have been trained in accordance with the most rigorous standards of the field.

Sean Davis, PhD, LMFT
How do you decide, just from looking at a website, whether to invite someone into some of the most vulnerable aspects of your life? It’s hard, I get it. You’ve likely been considering getting professional help for a long time. But what if you spend all that time, money and emotional effort opening up only to find you don’t fit with the therapist? I’ve been in those shoes myself with my family, and it can be overwhelming. Therapy is a risk.

Michelle Hutchings, MA, LMFT
I help trauma survivors heal from their past so they can face the future with a calm sense of confidence and hope.
I also help women struggling with eating disorders and body image concerns accept their body so they can truly feel comfortable in their own skin

Marlina Selva, PsyD, LMFT
I help families with foster or adopted children navigate the challenges of building a new family so they can enjoy a deep, meaningful connection with each other.
I also enjoy helping couples who have drifted apart learn to communicate so they can enjoy the satisfying relationship they’ve always wanted.

I know it’s hard raising kids and maintaining a marriage in today’s society. One of the main reasons I practice in Palo Alto is because this area has one of the highest rates of teen suicide in the country! There are so many pressures on families in this area in particular. I’ve devoted my career to helping you raise strong, healthy, resilient children while preserving your marriage in the process. No easy task, but it is possible. I’d love to talk with you to see how I may be able to help.

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94301 Palo Alto , CA
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