CSUN Explorers - California State University Northridge

CSUN Explorers is a program to increase the employability and independence of individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities.

The program includes:

  • 2-year program for individuals between the ages of 18-28 who are identified with intellectual/developmental disabilities. 
  • Enrollment through Extended Learning. 
  • Take two (two) classes each semester with CSUN undergraduate students.
  • Participate in clubs, and other activities on the campus. 
  • Peer Mentor will be identified in each academic course and 
  • Peer will be identified in each club. 
  • Second year will be involved in internships on campus or in the community. 

Eligibility Criteria for Applicants
Applications should be submitted for the following individuals:

The applicant must have an identified intellectual/developmental disability.
The age range of students to be accepted is 18 - 28 years of age.
Strong motivation to want to fully embrace the university experience and all that the Explorers program has to offer.
The applicant must have received, or will be receiving, a diploma or certificate of completion or equivalent from a high school program.
The applicant must have acceptable social behavior, verified by previous schools, family, and/or agency personnel as well as the ability to get along with peers, follow rules, and accept supervision.
The applicant must be willing to participate in all hours of instruction a week, as well as in social activities during various hours and possibly weekends.
The applicant must be free of any communicable diseases that are transmissible by casual contact and all immunizations must be up to date. He or she must have health insurance (i.e. private or Medi-Cal). 
The applicant must be able to participate in a personal interview.
The applicant is required to provide current assessments from school, regional center and/or current program attending.
The applicant must have a strong desire to complete the program.

Participants DO NOT live on campus.

18111 Nordhoff Street
91330 Northridge , CA
Sun, Jun 07, 2020: 8:21 pm
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