Complete, caring services for your child who has motor skills disorders such as
Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida, or Apraxia

or is at risk of developing motor disorders due to conditions such as
Prematurity or Periventricular Leukomalacia (PVL)

or who has
Developmental Delay

Conductive Education (CE).
Conductive Education comprises a system of integrated academic and physical education that was first developed by Professor András Pető in Budapest, Hungary. The system was designed specifically for children with movement disorders of a neurological origin. It is based on the premise that such children do not simply have a medical condition requiring treatment, but a learning problem requiring targeted education. We now know from scientific research that young children with neurological damage have remarkable abilities to recover full or greatly improved functioning if exposed to the proper stimuli and motivations. Conductor-teachers provide a holistic and systematic development program that targets all aspects of a child's life, including gross and fine motor skills, cognition, volition, communication, social skills, and emotional development.

Specific Services Offered:

  • Assessment of your infant or child in your home, and recommendations for suitable intervention, including for a Conductive Education (CE) program when appropriate
  • Home-based program: Individual, regularly scheduled sessions in your home that promote active learning in the child's natural environment, including motivating activity, participating in self care (eating, dressing, going to the bathroom), playing, vocalizing and communicating, interacting with others, standing and walking; also follow-up sessions
  • Coaching of parents in methods that facilitate normal development and prevent developmental problems; coaching may be individually or in groups
  • Recommendations regarding CE-facilitating equipment (including footwear, furniture, walkers, orthotics)
  • Organizing and conducting Mommy and Me group CE classes
  • Individualized Education Program (IEP) goal development
  • Presentations at IEP and IFSP meetings
  • Assisting the child in transitioning to a new school or other program
  • Consultations with other service providers, such as daycare teachers and orthotists
  • Consultations with other CE professionals regarding program design and school management
  • Conductive Education tutoring to teachers' aides
  • Providing information on Conductive Education
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