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About Coastal Haven Housing

We are a group of families who want to create quality, lifelong housing.

Our intention (and the project that is already underway) is to build a housing community that optimizes the integration of the residents into Santa Cruz (our local community) and also optimizes the chances that they have resources available to live a meaningful life.

To help achieve this vision we chose to develop our homes alongside a non profit Community farm called Common Root Farm (was Costanoa Commons). The Farm is next door to the housing we are building, and not part of the housing, but will be a great neighbor and potential job site for people living in the Coastal Haven Community, if they so choose.

Coastal Haven is a private group, an LLC, that is still recruiting new families. Coastal Haven, of course, has a commitment to make sure that those residents who will eventually move onto the land will be a "good fit" for the existing residents (and conversely we want to make sure that new families will be happy there and WANT to be housemates with current residents!) so we move very slowly integrating new families. But if this is something you think might be right for your loved one, I think it's an amazing community that is underway! Let me know if you want to learn more.

Pauline Navarro



95060 Santa Cruz , CA
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Fri, Aug 30, 2019: 3:21 pm
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