Churchill Foundation - Students with Autism Scholarship

We are currently accepting applications – (Deadline: Dec 29, 2018)

Amount: $5,800


In memory of a family member who died late last year, we wanted to show some support for those who have autism by offering this scholarship, for that reason, we are offering students who have a loved one with autism or a student themselves that are faced with the effects of autism a $5,800 scholarship.

How Do I Apply for It?

Education is a tool that can be used for numerous things in life, not just for personal development. As public adjusters who have been through education, we believe that education can provide a better life for students and ultimately, lead to them improving their communities with the knowledge that the attain. The difference between a vibrant and prosperous life and one that brings hardships is acquiring a post-secondary degree. Education is everything; it is a must. There are many students that face obstacles that make it difficult for them to acquire a degree and we wanted to provide this opportunity for all students equally, more particularly for those with autism that is a factor that often prevents them from being able to study.

Students with High Academic achievements must meet these two essential categories:

  1. There has been a form of autism diagnosed either in your immediate family or yourself
  2. Current enrollment or acceptance in a college or university for a post-graduate level or undergraduate level by the applicant

In addition to the above criteria, a 500 to 1000-word essay must be submitted with one of the below topics.

We hope to help alleviate the financial burden that may be in the presence of someone deserving who is suffering from any form of autism. We look forward to providing this scholarship and encourage those who are eligible to apply.

Topics: (Choose one)

  • Tell us about a time where others who did not have to face an obstacle that you did as a person with autism
  • Explain how you have adapted to help a loved one with autism and how it has affected your life
  • What factors do you believe hinder people with autism in today’s generation?

Requirements of Applicants

  • The applicant must have been accepted to start school at an accredited college or university  or is currently enrolled as an undergraduate student at an accredited school
  • The unofficial or official transcripts of the student must be submitted (high-school/ college)
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