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Children’s PKU Network (CPN) was founded in 1991 to address the special needs and concerns of individuals and families with the metabolic disorder Phenylketonuria (PKU). CPN is a non-profit organization dedicated to maintaining an agenda of public awareness, education, and direct assistance through a variety of programs that enable individuals diagnosed with PKU and other metabolic disorders reach their full potential.

Children's PKU Network (CPN) is a national non-profit organization. We offer networking, support & referrals free of charge. We also offer a clearinghouse of articles related to Phenylketonuria (PKU) & other metabolic disorders. Children's PKU Network was founded to provide support and services to anyone with PKU, their families and all those involved in the treatment of phenylketonuria.

The primary goals and objectives of Children's PKU Network include:

  • Provide a central base from which to gather and distribute information on PKU.
  • Develop public awareness and education programs regarding PKU, its vital early diagnosis and treatment, and the excellent prognosis for PKU individuals who receive proper support and treatment.
  • Promote public outreach to off-diet PKU and Hyper-Phe individuals who are unaware of the necessity to re-inititate diet before and during pregnancy.
  • Maintain and promote the CPN National Network Line providing current information about area specific PKU clinics and support groups and other needed assistance.
  • Establish a central distribution source for hard-to-get PKU foods and products at a discount to the PKU population.
  • Establish programs for crisis intervention, research and college scholarships.
  • Advocate Diet for Life Treatment.
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