Charles P. Roth, Phd

Neuropsychological Testing


The primary focus of my practice is neuropsychological assessment. The main reason parents of school aged children, older students, and adults decide to be assessed is to obtain a clearer picture of how the person learns best, and to better understand obstacles which make learning more difficult than expected. Example: the student is found to have visual-spatial reasoning difficulties, and this helps us understand why math is so difficult, or why understanding charts/diagrams simply doesn’t seem to click.

In addition to neuropsychological assessment, I also:

Counsel children, teens and adults

Speak at schools and conferences

Review testing and write a Learning Plan for use at the student’s school

Help separated parents make decisions about their children
(co-parenting counseling)

1005 A St., Suite A
94901 San Rafael , CA
Thu, Apr 23, 2020: 1:29 pm
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