The Center for Sensorial Bodywork & Movement Therapy

Kesha Fikes (Ph.D., CMT) is a sociocultural anthropologist who is in private practice as a somatic bodyworker and movement therapist in Saratoga, CA. She is the owner/founder of The Center for Sensorial Bodywork & Movement Therapy, also in Saratoga. Kesha is a certified therapist of the Danis Bois Method (DBM), a perceptual education practice that evolved from osteopathy in France in the early 1980s. She has studied and practiced DBM for 14 years. In addition, Kesha has completed intensive studies in trauma- and attachment-centered manual therapy with Kathy Kain. Through DBM and Kain's work, she fosters curiosity about the painful and stressful ways that our bodies often communicate with us. The ultimate aim of her work is to guide individuals through the incredible practice of meeting, exploring and being moved by the depths of ourselves. 



Self/Existential Inquiry Support

Perceptual Education & Body Focused Presence

Change & Creative Expression Support

Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Fatigue & Mood Support

Acute & Chronic Pain Support (Joint/Tissue/Bone/Nerve  Pain)

Movement Habit Awareness



Neurochemical Regulation Support

Early/Developmental Trauma & Attachment Support for Adults

Auto Immune & Chronic Illness Support

Severe PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Fatigue & Mood Support

Sensory/Somatic Pain Management Ed. (Joint/Tissue/Bone/Nerve Pain)

Behavioral/Trigger Habit Awareness


New to the US, DBM is a somatic tuning approach that evolved from Dr. Danis Bois' osteopathy and physiotherapy practices in France in the early 1980s. It is a perception enhancement technique that draws upon sensory awareness of our matter to transform our relationships to pain, stress and tension. We primarily use 1 or more of 4 modalities to foster this awareness: 1) a gentle, non-manipulative manual therapy (fully clothed), called Fasciatherapy; 2) a somatic movement practice, called Sensorial Re‐education; 3) a meditation practice, called Sensorial Introspection; and 4) a verbal or expressive component that accompanies all of the above. We follow a slow, autonomous 'inner movement' - a vital life force that permeates all tissue matter and every system in the body. Our aim is to not only rhythmically regulate this 'inner movement', but to guide the student through the process of perceiving and relating to this movement for themselves. Awareness of this movement is a profound perception awakening experience that can draw the student's attention to physically and mentally injurious habits. As such, we do not treat bodies; rather, we facilitate a process where individuals move into deeper, more intimate relation with their bodies and hence themselves and others. The practitioner's empathetic hands guide individuals through the perceptual experience of "appearing to" or "sensing" themselves. This occurs through heightened sensory awareness of the qualities and stories that make-up our dense and yet ever dynamic and communicative matter.


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