The Center for AAC & Autism

The Center for AAC & Autism was established in 2009 by Prentke Romich to be a resource for clinicians, therapists, and parents who are working to improve the language and communication skills of kids with autism. Our goal is to create a community where we can come together to share our successes and failures, encourage research, and learn from the children we serve in order to determine the best way to incorporate AAC to improve language and communication skills.

What is LAMP?

Language Acquisition through Motor Planning (LAMP) is a therapeutic approach based on neurological and motor learning principles. The goal is to give individuals who are nonverbal or have limited verbal abilities a method of independently and spontaneously expressing themselves in any setting.

LAMP focuses on giving the individual independent access to vocabulary on voice output AAC devices that use consistent motor plans for accessing vocabulary. Teaching of the vocabulary happens across environments, with multisensory input to enhance meaning, with the child's interests and desires determining the vocabulary to be taught.


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Thu, Nov 15, 2018: 1:25 pm
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