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Via Center is a small Non-Public Non-Profit school in Berkeley, California. Our student body is largely comprised of students who have been unsuccessful in multiple public and other non-public programs.
Each of our students' programs are tailored to their unique learning styles and interests. As a small school, we are able to maintain a family like atmosphere. We have a very warm and caring staff, and have strong relationships with the families we serve. Our program is unique in that it serves many different school districts, does not use physical restraint, collaborates with numerous outside specialists and agencies, and uses a large array of educational and behavioral methodologies.

Via Center serves accepts students aged 5-22, and provides educational and behavioral intervention for a wide range of students with intensive needs.  Our students are provided with a highly-structured, individualized, behaviorally-based program, offered in the context of a warm and family-like environment.

Referrals can be made by parents, school district program managers, case managers or care providers.  Placements must be made by the students' school districts through the Individualized Educational Program (IEP) teams.

Via Center follows a Life Skills Curriculum. We provide intensive instruction across  multiple domains, to help our students develop independence and success as they move toward adulthood. In addition to academic remediation, our students are taught daily living, such as cooking, budgeting, shopping, dressing, washing hands, and toileting, as well as vocational, social and communication skills.

Many of our students have learned to use aggression or other challenging behaviors to get their needs met.  We place a strong emphasis on the development of communication, social-skills, and self-calming techniques, such as sensory strategies, yoga, and exercise.     

IEP's are highly individualized, building on each student's unique gifts and strengths to develop the skills s/he needs to succeed with her or his particular life-challenges and opportunities.  All IEP goals and objectives are drawn from the state's core curriculum in Language Arts, Math, Health, History, Social Sciences and Physical Education.  Progress on the goals and objectives is reported quarterly.  Standardized testing is done each year.

Via's standards-based curriculum includes a rich variety of activities.  Weekly or twice-weekly classes in Movement and Relaxation and in Art are taught by visiting instructors.  A weekly swimming class is taught at the local YMCA. Our WorkAbility  program encourages the development of vocational and pre-vocational skills as students work "on-the-clock," to earn  money for desired  purchases or activities.  The WorkAbility program has recently begun two enterprises:  a ceramics studio and a cafe.

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2126 6th St
94710 Berkeley , CA
Sat, Apr 25, 2020: 8:34 pm
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