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Our Mission
The purpose of CARES Consulting™ is to provide much needed help to parents and support them in their journey with autism. We believe that solutions are possible when interacting with mutual compassion and solution-focused communication.

Professional Expertise
As a graduate of Stanford University, Dr. Nikko Da Paz has worked as an education professional for children with autism both in the classroom and in the home. In addition to a Ph.D. in Health Psychology, Dr. Da Paz also holds a Master’s degree in Psychology with a concentration in Behavior Analysis. As a researcher, Dr. Da Paz recognizes that caring for a child with autism may cause chronic stress. However, studies show that stress is a natural reaction that can be useful in building resilience.

Personal Motivation
On a personal level, Dr. Da Paz has two sons who have been diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. From the perspective of a parent who has advocated for a multitude of services for her children, Dr. Da Paz deeply understands the challenges that caregivers face on a daily basis. She hopes to share her knowledge and experiences with parents to help make their paths just a little bit easier.

Every child has a different style of learning. This is especially true for children with an autism spectrum disorder or other special needs. CARES Consulting™ will help you find educational solutions that enhance your child’s individual strengths while providing appropriate support for success.

We are currently accepting enrollment in our Autism Intervention Program!  CARES™ provides in-home ABA services to families in the California Central Valley. 

CARES Consulting™ provides social intervention services for children with Autism hosted in a safe, inclusive community environment. As you might know, certain environments and situations are challenging for children with Autism to process

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