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Do you have a hard time getting the services that your child needs?  Do you feel that the school district does not listen to you at  IEP/504 meetings?  Is your child getting all the services that they need?  (Speech, Occupational, Physical therapy, Behavioral services, Least Restrictive Environment) Are they getting a Free and Appropriate Public Education?

Do you get phone calls to come and get him/her?  Do they attend their neighborhood school?  Are they being suspended?  Up for expulsion? Bullied? Do they have ADHD/ADD and are being denied services?  Mental Health Issues? LGBT Intolerance/Discrimination?  

We provide advocacy services to students and their families to get the education that they are Entitled to under California and Federal Laws.

We advocate for Regional Center Clients as well.

 Represent student in the educational process, Empower and educate families, Assist with IEPs, IFSPs, SSTs and/or 504 meetings, Write effective letters to school districts, Interpret assessments and/or reports, Ensure IEP is well written and accurate, Review IEP, 504 or other documents before signing, Assist in filing complaints, make referrals to local special education attorneys. Strong advocate for Inclusion.

Some Spanish spoken.

1241 Johnson Ave. #222
94301 San Lus Obispo , CA
Thu, Apr 25, 2019: 9:25 am
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