California Community Opportunities

CCO is on a mission to renew the lives of adults with disabilities through authentic teaching in their homes and communities.

The primary purpose of all CCO programming is to support individuals with developmental disabilities in leading safe, successful, enriching lives in their local communities and in their own homes.  CCO’s philosophy and core values reflect a commitment to human dignity; an exceptional quality of life; ongoing growth and learning; individual and legal rights; and a spirit of energy, hope, and determination.  CCO applies this philosophy in all areas, including the development of staff who assist the individuals we serve in achieving their fullest human potential.  We offer innovative adult residential opportunities, and a state-of-the-art adult day services program. 

By embracing learning and skill-building opportunities in naturally occurring settings at home and throughout their own communities, individuals are always challenged and supported to reach for more. Far more than a “care” program, CCO ensures that individuals who are differently abled or significantly disabled have ongoing opportunities to learn; to grow; to interact with friends, family, and community; and to build a life that reaches their fullest potential. 

CommUniversity provides individuals with a wide range of intellectual disabilities opportunities to improve their functional literacy and enhance their quality of life.

CommUniversity - Day Programs
Lifelong learning through COMMUNITY, EDUCATION,  and RECREATION

Specialized, person-centered day program that integrates personal goals, areas of growth, and individual interests. A full weekly and daily schedule, which evolves on a quarterly basis, provides rich and customized learning experiences through:

Onsite academic and educational classes

Onsite and offsite recreational and social clubs

Community service and vocational opportunities

CommUniversity fosters greater self-sufficiency and independence through the process of hands-on learning.  Initially launched to serve CCO residents, CommUniversity is on the road to SARC vendorization and direct service to the wider community.

All programs supported by on-site clinical staff--nursing and behavior specialists. 

 Languages spoken/understood: English, Tagalog, Fijian, Spanish, Farsi, American Sign Language.


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