Brainstorming 4 US

Brain  injury resources, education and support 
Brainstorming 4 Us provides free services to those whose lives are affected by brain injury within the state of California.
Services include
Trauma Bags to families who have a loved one admitted into ICU or the CCU unit with an form of head injury, Resources, Advocacy, Support Groups for those with brain injuries and their caregivers, Special Social Events and Educational Training for Law Enforcement and Schools.
Brainstorming 4 Us also holds an annual “Walk, Run or Roll 4 Thought” each year to educate the public on the consequences of brain injury as well as raising funds to ensure we can provide our services for free to survivors and caregivers. A brain injury is a marathon and not a sprint and with your support, we will continue to reach new families every year.
15235 Pirinda Rd.
92307 Apple Valley , CA
Thu, May 31, 2018: 10:05 am
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