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We get it

Brain surgery to stop your child’s seizures is a scary subject. We’re here to help you wherever you are on your journey. Like you, we’ve been there – and we’re with you every step of the way. Whether you’re just starting to explore brain surgery as an option for your child, or need help in school after surgery, we’re on your side.

The risks of drug-resistant seizures

Drug-resistant seizures can be catastrophic to a child’s development, especially if they begin in infancy. Intractable epilepsy can cause development to freeze in time or regress significantly. Epilepsy surgery is no longer considered a last resort for children with refractory epilepsy, but there are risks associated with brain surgery, some which can be significant. We help you understand the risks and benefits of various brain surgeries to stop seizures so that you can make an informed decision about whether brain surgery is right for your child.

How we help

Our website has research-based, credible information to help parents understand when a child’s seizures are drug resistant. We explain the risks and dangers of seizures and help parents and guardians weigh the pros and cons of the various brain surgeries to stop them.

Understanding what to do after surgery can be overwhelming. We help parents understand the medical, cognitive, and behavioral challenges a child may have through life, as well as guide parents through financial and life care issues. If parents want to connect with other families, or need IEP help in school, we’re here to help.

For the neurosurgeon, neurologist, or other clinician who has a patient with drug-resistant seizures, our pamphlets and guides help explain brain surgery to stop them. We also provide templates of letters for schoolletters of medical necessity, and other key publications to help clinicians help parents find the resources they need after surgery. If families want to connect with other parents, we help clinicians find the right family to talk to.

For the educator who has a child who’s had brain surgery to stop seizures, our teacher’s portal links them with pertinent research, helpful guides, and other important information to support their critical work.

For the physical, occupational, speech, or other aligned therapist helping a child after brain surgery to stop seizures, our videos, guides, paradigms, and lists of relevant research and resources help these aligned professionals treat their patients.

Finally, by initiating new research and through our patient registry, we help researchers focus their efforts on the functional implications of the various epilepsy surgeries.


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