Brain Integration Station

DIR / Floortime

Developed by Dr. Stanley Greenspan & Serena Wieder, Phd. DIR/Floortime is a child centered approach that focuses on building relationships and brains.

Floortime is a specific technique to both follow the child’s natural emotional interests and challenge the child towards increasing social, emotional, and intellectual development.

Speech Therapy Services

Comprehensive Evaluations:

Auditory Processing Assessment including

  • test of attention
  • listening and understanding test
  • phonological testing,
  • and speech and language assessment

DIR/Floortime Assessment including

  • speech and language assessment,
  • sensory sensitivities
  • functional -emotional developmental assessment (FEDL)

Articulation Assessment including

  • articulation in words and sentences
  • phonological assessment
  • writing assessment (if appropriate)
  • and a listening and understanding assessment

Speech and Language Comprehensive Assessment including

  • articulation,
  • phonological assessment,
  • reading comprehension,
  • writing,
  • listening and understanding assessment
  • and language assessment

Individualized Speech Therapy Sessions

Speech sessions are based on creating a safe, nurturing relationship with the client and taking their individual differences including sensory needs, and developmental levels into consideration. Using playful interactions,  and fun, client directed activities, we create the opportunity for greater integration of new information and growth of the mind and therefore language in a natural and enjoyable manner. The length of sessions recommended are based on the client’s needs and attention abilities.

Group Social Sessions

Group sessions are beneficial when clients are developmentally ready and in need of greater social interactions. Group members are carefully screened and selected based on the needs of the group. Group sessions are interactive, play based, and not based on teaching a specific curriculum intellectually, but rather assisting the clients to enjoy participating with others while respecting their individual sensory needs and interests.

Autism Support and Play

Family and group support sessions facilitated with safe play stations for children. Meeting together and supporting each other with the joys and challenges of autism in an open and respectful space. This is not a place to be judged but a place to be accepted and supported.

Developing Summer Camps!

Summer camps are being developed for writing, social-emotional development, DIR/Floortime play groups, and language enrichment groups. Please write if interested at

Consultation Services

Educational and community consultations are provided. Observations in the school environment and support with the Individualized Educational Plans (IEPs) are available.


Children of all ages, adults, and geriatrics are welcomed!

Assessments and Sessions can either take place at your home or at a local community center.

The TOMATIS® Method is a natural approach to neurosensory stimulation. Its listening programs change the music and voice in real time in order to capture the brain’s attention and to develop motor, emotional and cognitive skills.


During the TOMATIS® listening sessions, music is transmitted through headphones equipped for air and bone conduction. The music therefore reaches the auditory canal through the headphones placed on each ear and through a vibration at the top of the skull. With a specific setting applied, the sound transmits first through the bones of the skull. As a result, the auditory system naturally prepares itself to receive the sound through the air channel. This dual transmission of the sound in two times will therefore educate the brain to correctly analyze the sensory sound message.

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