Bellevue Community College Autism Spectrum Navigators

As a student success program of the Center for Career Connections as part of the R.I.S.E. Learning Institute, the Autism Spectrum Navigators (ASN) program offers individualized advocacy and access services and educational opportunities for Autistic Bellevue College students. Students who have met the College admission requirements must fill out an Intent to Register form and follow the steps on the Next Steps flyer by the deadlines listed.

Our mission is to provide advocacy and access services for autistic students that lead to successful academic outcomes while providing educational opportunities that increase self-knowledge in the areas of executive functioning, self-regulation, social interaction, self-advocacy and career preparation; and to actively promote a campus and community environment of inclusion and understanding of students, faculty and staff with neurological differences.

Program Components:

  • Regular Meetings with trained Peer Mentor, called a Navigation Assistant (NA)
  • Cohort Orientation prior to First Year
  • Career Preparation class each quarter (as part of an eight-course series) with other ASN students (credits and topics vary – come to Information Session for more detail or inquire.)
  • Quarterly parent meetings
  • Facilitated Communication with instructors
  • Campus Awareness & Training
98007 Bellevue , WA
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Thu, May 07, 2020: 12:40 pm
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