Behavior Reimagined LLC

Developmentally appropriate and naturalistic ABA, assessments, treatment planning, early intervention, in-home and community settings, serving Alameda and Contra Costa counties.

Behavior Analysis Services
In-home Therapy
An inclusive and naturalistic approach to ABA therapy for children, teens, and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders, developmental or intellectual disabilities. Services may be funded through client insurance or private pay. An initial assessment is required for development of a treatment program.
Community Based Intervention
Similar interventions to the in-home program but based in day care, preschool, after school programs and other community based settings. Focus is on socialization and peer engagement, following routines, redirecting behavioral challenges, and social-emotional growth. Services may be funded through client insurance or private pay.
Direct Programmatic Support
Many community agencies and employers face behavioral and social emotional challenges with their clients and employees. We provide customized programs and support in order to promote inclusion in natural environments and inclusive hiring practices. Programs may include: environmental assessments, training of relevant staff members, one-to-one support of identified individuals and additional supports as requested. Services may be funded by the organizations requesting assistance via an individualized contract or through additional outside resources as applicable.

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