Be Not Afraid

Be Not Afraid (BNA) is a private non-profit corporation whose mission is to provide comprehensive, practical, and peer-based support to parents experiencing a prenatal diagnosis and carrying to term. In addition, BNA encourages development of new services so more parents find support at diagnosis by offering training, consulting and technical assistance as well as materials to other organizations and individuals committed to service development.

First, BNA provides direct service to parents which is comprehensive, practical, and peer-based. This free service focuses on meeting the needs of expectant parents as they seek to honor the life of their baby no matter how frail or how brief. Informed by the ethical teachings of the Catholic Church, BNA serves parents without regard to religious preference.

Sat, Apr 25, 2020: 8:39 pm
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Parents Helping Parents does not endorse or recommend any therapy, medication, or philosophy that families may encounter from the resources or events listed.

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