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We provide educational therapy to help children with learning differences become confident readers and writers.  We use programs including Lindamood-Bell, Orton-Gillingham, and Step Up To Writing.

Reading Instruction

We support children who are struggling to read using a variety of time-tested and research-based techniques. We help children build up their missing foundational skills in:

Phonemic Awareness
Instruction is engaging and individualized to the needs of your child. Methods we use include:

Lindamood-Bell’s Seeing Stars® Program
Lindamood-Bell’s Visualizing and Verbalizing® Program
Many students who struggle to read demonstrate common difficulties. Individualized, intensive reading instruction is key for children who:

Struggle to master basic reading skills
Guess and/or skip words
Avoid reading
Read below grade-level
Have limited comprehension

Writing Instruction

Students who struggle to write can thrive with individualized support. We help students gain mastery in:

Creating and organizing ideas
Revising and editing their work independently
Following grammatical conventions
Composing clear, meaningful sentences
Writing with ease and confidence
Instruction focuses on showing children how to write clearly and creating ample opportunities to practice new strategies. Techniques we use include 6-Traits Writing, Step Up to Writing, and Self-Regulated Strategy Development.

Research has shown that high-level writing abilities depend on proficiency in handwriting and spelling. As such, Bay Tree Learning Solutions also provides instruction in handwriting and spelling. We use:

Handwriting without Tears
A variety of sequential, developmental spelling programs
Writing is one of the most challenging skills that children must master. Writing requires a complex coordination of skills. Research-based writing instruction benefits children who:

Feel blocked or frustrated when writing
Compose simplistic, unorganized writings
Struggle to spell
Have messy handwriting
Rush through assignments
Love to talk, but hate to write

Cognitive Educational Assessments

We develop a cognitive-educational profile that details a child’s strengths and weaknesses so that instruction can be tailored to the child’s needs. We also offer informal writing and reading assessments to measure your child’s grade-level and progress. Assessments can be used to determine strengths and weaknesses in:

Phonological processing
Non-verbal thinking
Processing Speed
Assessment can also be used to help:

Identify learning disabilities
Recognize a student’s strengths and talents
Determine eligibility for accommodations
Document necessary classroom learning supports

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