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We specialize in infants , toddlers, teens and children with special needs. We understand their unique behavior needs. Our commitment to provide comprehensive, quality, and most advanced pediatric dentistry care options in a state of the art environment. Most important of all, we know how to make dentistry fun for your little one.

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Behavior Management

We understand how children are unique and best cope with newer experiences when adequately prepared. To help them achieve a favorable experience we utilize various behavior management techniques such as Tell-Show-Do, role-play, distraction and positive reinforcements. Probably that explains why we have a television in all our treatment rooms and fun presents to pick at the end of every visit.

Our pharmacological options also include

Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)
Sometimes getting dental treatment can induce anxiety in your child and routine behavior management technique may not be adequate. In these cases to cope with the anxiety and allay the fear, we do offer nitrous oxide or laughing gas.

Sedation is used when a child is very young or extremely apprehensive. Your child is still conscious but more relaxed and cooperative. This enables us to complete the treatment in a more comfortable and less traumatic manner

General Anesthesia:
For very young children, or in cases of special health necessities we do offer general anesthesia in our office with the help of our anesthesiologist to provide all the dental work in a comfortable manner to your child.
Dr. Brindha Subramanian

991 Saratoga Ave, Ste 220
95129 San Jose , CA
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Tue, May 12, 2020: 2:59 pm
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