Bathori Psychological Group

Dr. Bathori is a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice who works with children, their families, adolescents & adults. He offers play therapy, psychoanalysis, psychotherapy & consultation. Dr. Bathori conducts a range of psychological testing.


• Intensive treatment for a range of issues including anxiety, depression, acting out 
• Academic issues
• Therapy for children in a high conflict divorce situation
• Therapy for adolescents
• Consultation around family issues

Psychoanalysis is a method aimed at addressing an individual's suffering. This can be seen as a knot with many elements including overt symptoms such as depression or anxiety, problems with work or with others, or feeling stuck or repeating patterns. Indications that psychoanalysis may be helpful, particularly when other methods of addressing the difficulties have been exhausted or simply a curiosity to know more.


Dr. Bathori is experienced in forensic mental health examinations in both criminal and juvenile systems including:
• Specialty in influence of cognitive issues relating to competency 
• Intellectual Disability and Developmental Assessments
• Ability to waive counsel and validity of confessions
• Not guilty by reason of insanity
• Provides information/education for jurors of fact in various clinical areas
• Competency issues (to stand trial, plead, waive counsel, testify) 

467 Hamilton Ave. Suite 23
94301 Palo Alto , CA
Thu, May 14, 2020: 7:45 pm
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