Autistically Inclined

Featuring Natural Play Therapy at Autistically Inclined: 
NPT is a relationship-based approach for all ages and diagnoses.
Autistically Inclined provides customized, family-centered, play-based, friendship inspiring programs through NPT.
Because we ALL need to play more, regardless of age or diagnosis.

These free services will give you a taste for what we do!

PlayMail: Receive one short and sweet email each week that's sure to add playfulness to your life.

Happy Hour: This free monthly event is a lighthearted space for parents and professionals to come together and reconnect with what brings us joy.

Browse our Learning Library whenever you would like to discover more about what we're all about.

Our self-paced online course, Cultivating Healthy Relationships Through Play, will introduce you to the core concepts of Natural Play Therapy and help you begin integrating NPT into your life.

Wed, May 06, 2020: 7:29 pm
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