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Welcome to the Autism Treatment Center of America™, the worldwide teaching center for The Son-Rise Program®, a powerful, effective and totally unique treatment for children and adults challenged by Autism, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD), Asperger's Syndrome, and other developmental difficulties.

Our team of committed teachers combines Autism strategies, support and education that combines over 100 years of “real life” experience working with children using The Son-Rise Program®. Over the last 25 years we have worked with more than 22,000 parents and professionals from around the world teaching them a system of treatment and education.

We have seen that:

1. Children with Autism are capable of learning, communicating, experiencing real joy and happiness and developing warm and satisfying relationships with the people in their lives.
2. Children with Autism, no matter how severe, can be helped to experience intimacy, comfort, warmth and love. Children can learn to enjoy affection and to run toward a parent to be tickled, hugged or held. Children can learn to look into another person's eyes and laugh with genuine, shared delight.

We believe:

1. Your child may seem withdrawn and disconnected—but we believe he has the capacity to love, to laugh, to enjoy a cuddle or a tickle.
2. Your child may react aggressively or erratically—but we know that she can be helped to digest her environment so that smiles, hugs and a real sense of caring engagement are the norms, not the exceptions.
3. Your child may be falling behind in areas of development such as language, self-care skills and social skills—but we believe he is capable of learning – and of having that learning process be enjoyable rather than stressful – for you and for him.
4. Your child may be highly verbal with a high I.Q. while experiencing huge struggles socially—but we see a child who can learn to look into another person's eyes with shared joy, laugh at jokes, find diverse interests and become truly successful at building meaningful friendships

We do not put limits on the possibilities for your child.
We can help you to bring your child as far across the bridge from Autism to recovery as possible. For some, this means complete recovery. For others, this means improvements in their child's development, human connection, communication, skill acquisition and quality of life far beyond what most would have ever predicted.

We can provide help for Autism and teach you to:

1. Establish a warm, interactive rapport with your child.
2. Implement effective educational techniques.
3. Enable your child to move beyond repetitive “stimming” behaviors.
4. Move through challenging behaviors (such as tantrums or hitting).
5. Become a confident teacher and advocate for your child.
6. Motivate your child to learn–and to enjoy learning.
7. Optimize your child's learning environment.
8. Jump-start speech and language development.
9. Relax and have fun–without giving up what you want for yourself and your child.
10. Recruit and train a team of volunteers and helpers.
11. Find a sense of peace and comfort with your child's present challenges.
12. Create and sustain an attitude of hope and optimism about your child's future.

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