Autism Education Network

The Autism Education Network web-site includes free information about special education rights as well as information about treatment options and education methods.

The Autism Education Network’s primary purpose is to use the Internet to connect parents and professionals in order to influence and improve special education policy and programs for all individuals with autism. We’re creating a virtual resources center by making the most up-to-date information available online at no cost. You’ll find expert opinions, advice as well as PDF Downloads on such subject as negotiating Individual Education Plans–IEPs to Parent Advocacy.

By joining the Network, members will also receive e-mail updates on critical legal and educational autism issues. As a virtual and actual community, members of the Autism Education Network can use their collective voice to get our opinions heard. Members can also join volunteer committees to address current issues. Not to mention, help make each other's life easier by sharing our struggles, stories, and victories. Just as importantly we are currently developing the following services that we hope to make available to our members in the near future:

  • an e-learning center offering on-line training and seminars regarding special education topics and best practices in autism treatments.
  • an e-advocacy center which creates, customizes, and delivers email alerts, take-action letters, and petitions using comprehensive legislative databases regarding federal and state special education law directly affecting the autism community.  

To help us ensure our children's right to learn and create a better tomorrow for generations to come, please join the Autism Education Network now.

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Thu, May 14, 2020: 4:30 pm
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