Autism Collaborative Therapies

At Autism Collaborative Therapies, we aim to provide each and every child and family we work with the opportunity to achieve their fullest potential. By providing Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services in home and community settings, we ensure that both the child and family are given ample opportunities to increase daily living skills, social skills, and experience a variety of different opportunities for learning.


ABA services provided:

• Behavioral Consultation

• Positive Behavior Support Planning 

• Social Skills training

• ABA services provided in home, school, and 
    community (either private pay or insurance)

• Parent Training

• Functional Analysis Assessment / Functional   
    Behavior Assessment

• Organizational Behavioral Analysis 
    Consultation for Businesses 

• Autism Awareness Training and/or ABA  
    Training for Schools’ and Businesses (training  
    provided at the consumers site) 

• Expert Witness Testimony

• Program Evaluation

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