Aspiro Adventure

We Inspire Innovation

Adventure therapy is a dynamic way to break through boundaries, build awareness and establish healthier behavioural patterns. We use our research backed program to inspire change in our students.

Expertise for a wide range of struggles

We’re here to help adolescents, young adults, and their families through difficulties that occur when various behavioral, cognitive, or developmental issues are present. Research shows that engaging your child on a personal level with strategic and intentional activities will assist your child in developing the tools and skills necessary to engage life in a healthy and positive way.

The adolescents at Aspiro are struggling with various difficulties that may have led them to school failure, difficulty with interpersonal relationships, low self-esteem, anxiety, depression and more.  At Aspiro, your adolescent will learn how to problem solve, manage and assess risk, face and conquer fears, connect with others on an emotional level, as well as drive his or her own motivation while gaining wilderness leadership skills and building self-efficacy.

The young adults at Aspiro often are struggling with anxiety or depression, difficulty obtaining or maintaining a job or attending college, and some are still finishing high school. They often have experienced relationship failures and are not sure of what direction to go in adulthood. Your young adult will learn self-advocacy and how to develop independence and success through creating goals and gaining the confidence to reach them. In the young adult program, the students often have found they are off-track, and are now ready to develop purpose and intention for planning their adult life.

The Proven Alternative to Bootcamp

While bootcamps focus on behavioral modification and extrinsic (external force) motivations, our Wilderness Adventure Therapy Program intrinsic (internal decision) motivation through the use of positive psychology and relationship based therapy techniques. Without the use of coercion, your child will learn how to problem solve, manage and assess risk, and drive their own motivation as opposed to being forced into actions. We invite, support and encourage participation from each of our students. Aspiro is a clinically sophisticated research based program licensed by the State of Utah.

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