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Mandy Tapia, founder of Ask Now Advocacy, is a mother of two young children with autism. She started Ask Now because she knows first-hand the struggles of having a child with a disability and working with public and private entities to ensure her children are in a safe and enriching environments. Since 2007, it has been her mission to provide direct support to families and negotiate on the behalf of their children. As an IEP education consultant, Mandy has done the homework and the leg work for you. The IEP can be overwhelming, not to mention frustrating. When we enter this process, it can be difficult to separate our strong personal connection from the logic needed to navigate and succeed within a highly political environment. Mandy not only has the first-hand experience managing the logistics but she can also help you with developing winning strategies that eventually lead to your child’s long-term success and happiness. Over the years, she has helped hundreds of individuals who have been where you are and continues to enjoy personal satisfaction knowing their children continue to grow and excel in education and in many other areas of their lives. Mandy is also the founder of Autism Spectrum Knowledge-Now, a nonprofit that provides services and support for families. She is also a member of COPPA. Let’s take the first step toward a successful future for your child.

4010 Foothills Blvd Suite 103-430
95747 Roseville , CA
Santa Clara
Thu, Jun 04, 2020: 12:19 am
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