Asian Law Alliance

Housing: Ensuring access to decent housing, preventing and combating against illegal and discriminatory housing practices.
Public Benefits: Assisting the elderly, families, and disabled individuals in ensuring their opportunities for Social Security, family maintenance and disability benefits.
Immigration: Reuniting families, informing new citizens and recent immigrants of their legal rights and responsibilities.
Domestic Violence: Aiding battered women and their children in escaping physical and emotional abuse in both the civil and immigration arenas.
Civil Rights: Defending and promoting laws that afford Asian/Pacific Islanders full rights and opportunities. The passage of regressive laws in recent years has threatened these ideals. In response, ALA has worked with diverse community groups to protect the rights of the immigrant, the family and the poor.

We offer services in Mandarin, Cantonese, Spanish, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Korean and other languages as needed.

ALA programs are designed to make legal services accessible to Asian/Pacific and low income people.

Delivering services in Asian/Pacific Islander languages.
Providing consultation and legal representation on a free or low-cost basis.
Services are provided by staff attorneys, support staff, and volunteers who are multilingual in various Asian languages.
The Santa Clara County Asian Law Alliance (ALA) is an equal opportunity service provider to all persons regardless of, race, sex, color, age, religion, actual or perceived gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, ethnic or national origin, or familial status.

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