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We are a Professional Association with the mission to improve the quality of life for individuals with Autism, Alzheimer's disease and other related disorders of the brain by promoting MnemeTherapy®
MnemeTherapy® uses everyday pleasures such as singing, movement, painting and story telling in a unique combination to stimulate dramatic changes in the brain. Although our goal is to provide a rewarding experience, documented testimonies show significant improvement in some clients in verbal skills, mobility, combativeness, spatial acuity, understanding instructions plus much more!
California Members:

Woodside - Paulette Gill

I am a native Californian, and a graduate student at Notre Dame de Namur in 
the Marriage and Family Therapy/Art Therapy program and now a certified 
MnemeTherapist. I have been an artist all my life and am  passionate about 
art as play and self- exploration.
I believe that people learn best when they are fully engaged on all levels 
and that art is a way that helps us to stay focused and engaged. I love
nature and music and both inspire my art.
Contact Paulette
Phone: 805-286-2035
Arroyo Grande - Kasey Watson

I am a 4th generation Californian and make my home in the small central coast town of Arroyo Grande, California.  I have a BA in Liberal Studies from Long Beach State University; my concentration was in Art.
My desire is that working as a MnemeTherapist will be the vehicle for me to encourage others as they find a new way to express themselves. My artistic nature is a gift that I want to use to help others improve the quality of their lives and I am grateful for the opportunity to celebrate their accomplishments along side of them.

Contact Kasey Watson 
Phone: 805-720-328
San Luis Obispo Area - Brandy Bowlin

I was born and raised in Southern California and relocated to the Central Coast in 2002. This move brought me into the world of medicine. I love patient contact and being able to comfort those in need. Through the years I have worked with cancer patients, children and the elderly. Understanding that everyone is different and every need is unique has allowed me to experience the joys that come with being able to make a negative situation into a positive and  personal reward.
MnemeTherapy came to me as a curiosity one day when I was behind a computer at a desk job and missing that patient contact.  The first time I explored the benefits of the therapy and saw how it touched everyone involved  I knew it was a passion I could  make into a reality and my life would be changed forever. I had the opportunity to give the gift of hope and 
encouragement through singing, directed painting and story telling  to a loved one and their families who are living the moment as it comes. Again being able to turn a negative into a positive.
I hope to accomplish one thing as a Mneme Therapist...I want to have the "Willingness to Try" each day as I support and work in your neighborhood and your community. I am proudly serving the Five Cities Area in SLO County.

Contact Brandy Bowlin
Phone:  805-888-9527
94027 Woodside , CA
Tue, Mar 21, 2017: 10:55 am
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