Arbor Bay School

Arbor Bay School is a nonprofit, non-public school providing multidisciplinary educational support to children with learning differences. Students learn "how they learn" and how to master individual learning strategies. Taking on additional academic risks and developing a positive learning experience increases and improves self confidence.

"At Arbor Bay, students are carefully placed in our classes based on the ability to benefit from a multi-sensory and experiential teaching environment. I believe the developmental level of each student must be primary to facilitate learning groupings. This balance is important to provide the experience necessary for parents and staff to feel confident that each student will succeed in academic and social/emotional growth."
Pam Joy (CEO and Founder)

Each student's learning style should define the content and form of their unique educational and therapeutic program. At Arbor Bay School, the program focuses on the developmental growth of each child. We deliver a unique combination of educational and therapeutic services to help each child reach the highest level of academic and social success.

Arbor Bay School offers diagnostic classes to determine a child's individual learning strategies. Small group, developmental multi-sensory teaching approaches are utilized, including modified pacing and curriculum.

Program Description:

  • Kindergarten, 5 days a week, 3 1/2 hours per day
  • Grades 1 - 8, 5 days a week, 6 1/2 hours per day
  • California State Curriculum standards followed
  • Multi-sensory curriculum utilized (Language!, TouchMath)
  • Monthly in-services and trainings for staff and parents
  • Individual and group tutoring, social-language groups, Speech and Occupational Therapy services are available in the clinic after school
  • Parent Support Group

School Design and Student Profile

The school design is based on a blending of student populations who benefit from a smaller classroom environment and more sophisticated learning strategies and support. This includes children functioning at grade level who benefit from the small setting, combined with students with mild to moderate learning difficulties.

1017 Cedar St.
94070 San Carlos , CA
(650) 244-1519
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