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Angela Brillhart is a leader in working with students diagnosed with dyslexia or other learning disabilities and the behavioral issues stemming from them. Drawing on twenty years of experience, Angela brings learning tools to students, allowing them to transform the way they learn.

She uses the Slingerland ® Approach to help students overcome limitations in their ability to process language and meet their academic needs. Angela gives students tools to succeed. Highly personalized and student-focused, her approach provides one-on-one intervention that works.

Areas of Concern
Angela uses proven strategies in several areas of expertise and helps children and adults master language usage, the written word, and math.
Reading Comprehension
The human brain was not mean to take in words the way we do. Our brains process the written language, but sometimes we get our wires crossed and need help re-organizing the way we interact with information.
Unable to Decode Words
No matter how many times you tell a child to try harder, they simply won’t be able to understand words that are unknown to them. Many students need explicit and direct instruction to decode words. Students need to know a variety of academic and content words to succeed in school and to develop a robust vocabulary.
When children struggle to express themselves in writing, they tend to have lower self-esteem and often have performance issues. Together, we can build a foundation for success, as writing skills are crucial in today’s world.
Like reading, math can be frustrating when a student encounters a difficult new concept. Working with the right tools and strategies provides your child with the best chance of success. Students will have more ability and confidence when identifying numbers, their meaning, and will develop an ability to manipulate them successfully.
Getting thoughts out of our heads and into the world is difficult for many people. Handwriting is about much more than coordination. Ensuring the messages are getting from the brain to the pencil and down on paper is a key part of writing and communication. Keyboarding instruction is NOT a substitution for creating or aiding in context with writing.
Executive Function Skills
Parts of the human brain are not fully developed until an individual is in their twenties. Students are responsible for a great deal of organizing, planning, and time management today than ever before. Allowing students to practice these skill sets with appropriate coaching gives them ownership of their studies.


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