Angel Sense

Every Special Child  Deserves AngelSense
The only GPS & voice-monitoring solution designed for children with special needs

Features That Keep Your Special Child Safe
Sensory Friendly Wearables
Attach the GPS device to the child’s clothing or use our customized body fitting belt. Only parent can remove.
Unknown Place Alert
Receive an instant alert if your child is in an unfamiliar place.
1-Way Voice
Make sure your child is well and hear what’s happening in their surroundings. 2 way 
2-Way Voice
Talk to your child at any time, without them needing to “pick up” or click anything. 
Indoor Search
Find your child in a mall, school, or any indoor facility.

Activate an alarm on the device, to locate your child when nearby in a crowd or when hiding.
 Runner Mode
Get GPS updates every 10 seconds, with distance readings and directions to your child.

First Responder Alert
In case of a lost child, send a map view to a predefined group of trusted people with a single click.

 Late Departure Warning
Get an alert if your child hasn’t left school on time – ensure they’re never left behind.
Timeline View
See your child’s daily timeline at a glance: locations, routes & transit speed.
ETA Feature
Know when your child is expected to get home. Save precious time!
Wide Cellular Coverage
No matter your carrier, AngelSense works throughout the entire US and Canada.

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