American Council of Teachers, Inc.

At ACT Inc. we believe in supporting our students' scholastic needs by designing and practicing extended education. This is accomplished by hiring qualified educational professionals and working with local organizations/schools to implement after-school and Saturday school programs that provide students with additional educational support.

We support students with learning challenges (tutor) and we advocate and educate famiies especially families with a student/s that has an Individual Education Plan (IEP).

Special Education Advocacy for families and students.

Our Services Include:

  • Saturday School
  • Low cost Individual and Small Group Tutoring
  • Parent and Student Advocacy for Special Education
  • Low cost individualized Student Academic Assessments
  • Equity Services for Significantly Disproportionate Districts
  • After-School Academic Support for School Districts
770 Coleman Ave, Suite A
94025 Menlo Park , CA
Sat, Apr 25, 2020: 9:40 pm
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Parents Helping Parents does not endorse or recommend any therapy, medication, or philosophy that families may encounter from the resources or events listed.

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