Alpha Resource Center of Santa Barbara

Alpha Resource Center of Santa Barbara, a non-profit corporation established in 1953, provides services and supports for people with developmental disabilities and their families in the County of Santa Barbara, California.

Alpha Resource Center of Santa Barbara empowers individuals with developmental disabilities, supports families and fosters a community that values the contribution of all people.

Parent to Parent Support
Alpha provides life-time connections for parents to other parents for practical support in raising a child, teen or adult with special needs.  Our family support team is made up of parents who “have been there” and who have received specialized training in family support.  They are also able to provide support to parents or family members who have received news of a prenatal diagnosis of developmental disabilities or the risk of developmental delay

Resource information is available on a wide-variety of topics from early intervention to raising a child with special needs.

Confidential referral service and follow-up to community resources is available.

System(s) Navigation
Assistance is available to help parents negotiate and navigate regional center, special education, and other systems that serve families and children with developmental disabilities and other special needs.

Advocacy services are provided in order to ensure that individuals with developmental disabilities receive the services they require and the benefits to which they are entitled. Generally, individuals and/or their parents, family member or friends are able to advocate successfully for their needs and interests. When these resources are insufficient or have failed, Alpha may provide advocacy services.

Sibling Services
Brothers and Sisters may need information, support and resources too!

Education & Support Workshops Available 

4501 Cathedral Oaks Road
93110 Santa Barbara , CA
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Tue, May 12, 2020: 12:13 pm
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Parents Helping Parents does not endorse or recommend any therapy, medication, or philosophy that families may encounter from the resources or events listed.

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