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Students who benefit from our whole child approach are students who show needs in one or more of the areas below. Some of these areas will be strengths for our students with- no needs at all.  Some students will have existing IEP’s in the school district, while some will not have needs great enough to qualify for an IEP.

We educate students with academic and social learning differences, as well as student’s diagnosed with anxiety, ADHD, ADD, high functioning Autism, PANDAS, Sensory Processing Disorder, Auditory Processing Disorder, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, and Dyscalculia.

o Learn best in a small group setting
o Need academics differentiated to meet their learning style and pace; whether fast or slow
o Need flexibility, but still consistency and firmness.
o Need time to finish a project or thought before moving on
o Are highly engaged, and give 110% on specific interests, but may withdraw or not participate in work that doesn’t excite them
o Crave variety, are project based, creative, artistic, have a musical or scientific flair
o Learn best through movement, projects, hands on experiences, and direct instruction geared towards their learning profile
o Need open opportunities to experiment, tinker, and create without boundaries and limitations
o Need a variety of curriculum that matches their ever changing learning style
o Are struggling academically in a large traditional classroom but are very “capable”
o Show off their potential and excel when placed in the right environment
o Excel when placed with an educator who “gets them”
o Are faced with educators who see their intelligence but “don’t know what to do?”
o Struggle with “group” work or teams, but have immense potential

Social and Emotional:
o Need teacher awareness in reading their physical, and emotional cues; before escalation
o May show inconsistency in mood, excitability, engagement, and regulation
o Need consistency in rules, boundaries, and expectations, that are consistent at both home and school
o Need prompting of expressive language to relay feelings, emotions, and needs
o Need assistance decoding receptive language, body language and social norms/expectations
o Are emotionally sensitive, may interpret verbal and non-verbal language inaccurately
o Need a team leader to incorporate speech, occupational therapy, and/or psychological services into their school day

o Have a fast or slow tempo in the classroom or on the playground
o Need opportunities for sensory breaks, “redos” and behavioral mapping
o Need a tool box to self-regulate, and immediate access to those tools
o Can have difficulty “settling” after recess, PE, or an exciting time when their engine is running full speed
o Can have difficulty sitting through circle times, large group instruction, or auditory assignments
o Needs to have their sensory diet run throughout the school day

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