Alicia Danforth, PhD

When I started interviewing autistic adults for my dissertation, I discovered that I really enjoyed hearing their stories and unique perspectives. I figured out quickly that most of the stereotypes that I had been taught about autism simply were not true. The people I was talking with were not like emotionless robots at all. They were funny, authentic, and passionate about contributing to society in meaningful ways.

I grew inspired to provide services for the “lost generation” of adults who were overlooked because their autistic traits were not readily apparent to others or because they did not have access to resources that were a good match for them in childhood.

We might be a good match if:

  • You have a recent or late diagnosis and would like to explore your new autistic identity.
  • Your autistic traits are not always readily apparent to others, so you feel pressured to "just know" all of the unwritten rules of socializing or getting along with co-workers. 
  • Maybe you're a woman on the spectrum who was told, “autism is for boys," or you have become burned out by trying to "act normal" to fit in. 
  • You could benefit from some extra help transitioning to college or independent living.
  • You have a partner or family member on the spectrum and would like to learn how you can relate better.
  • Someone in your family got a diagnosis and you're realizing now that you might be on the spectrum, too. 

Keywords: Austism, Asperger's, Therapy, Adult, Women, Teen, Social Anxiety, Diagnosis, Anxiety, Depression, Grief, Trauma, South Bay, Los Gatos, Neurodiversity 

Alicia Danforth, PhD - Clinical Psychologist
16575 Los Gatos-Almaden Road, Ste B
95032 Los Gatos , CA
(408) 634-9080
Santa Clara
Thu, Mar 01, 2018: 9:13 am
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