Alexandra Gamban, Private Tutor (nee’ Ranker)

Four Types of Academic Help Offered:

1.The kind of help that I can provide extends to advanced content in English, Spanish or Latin; ancient western civilization, western history, US history, algebra I, geometry, algebra II, college algebra, statistics, and single variable calculus; biology, general chemistry, physics; Advanced Placement preparation and preparation for SAT, ACT, and composition of college essays, and college tuition grant searches. Students with whom I have worked successfully have earned places at Harvard, the University of California at Berkeley, the University of California at Davis, and Cal Poly School of Architecture. I have been a reader for the English Literature Advanced Placement Test and for the 2006 SAT essays. I can help a child achieve college goals, but the work is the child’s work, and therefore, the victory belongs to the student, not to me.

2. I have facilitated numerous on-line courses for students whose extra-curricular activities prevent them attending school full time, or for students who have failed a course, and are unable to attend summer school because of scheduling conflicts. There are many institutions which provide such accredited on-line High School and College courses. In Redding California, Shasta Union High School District and California State Universities and Community Colleges only accept Brigham Young University online courses. Therefore, it is with these courses that I am familiar. In order to get some students through such courses, it is necessary for the student to have a written schedule (example attached), a study plan, one on one help, and someone to whom the student is accountable who is physically closer than Utah. I have facilitated BYU courses in algebra I, geometry, algebra II, precalculus, single variable calculus, statistics, Intermediate College Algebra, general science, chemistry, English I-IV, College English, Spanish I-IV, Latin I-II, US History, Modern Western Civilization, Health, Psychology, College Abnormal Psychology and more. 

3. I have worked with noncompliant students in order to teach time management and study skills and to track their homework compliance as well as reinforce the content presented in the classroom. In such situations, it is vital that the student is receptive to receiving help and that parents are receptive to providing appropriate rewards for homework compliance and effort and providing appropriate consequences for noncompliance and a conspicuous lack of effort. I provide information about a student’s performance to parents, BUT I NEVER DO DISCIPLINE.  ASSIGNMENT OF REWARDS AND CONSEQUENCES IS A PARENTAL RESPONSIBILITY, BUT IS ALSO INTEGRAL TO THE SUCCESS OR FAILURE OF WORK WITH NONCOMPLIANT STUDENTS.  

4.  Over the last decade, I have developed a sub-specialty working with children who suffer from ADD/ADHD and other learning disabilities. Dealing with such problems is always difficult and frustrating for the student and for his/her parents. Such students will always need to work harder than their peers, but they need to learn particular compensation techniques in order to maximize the effectiveness of those extra efforts. I can teach such techniques using sensory integration techniques, area staging, organizational and time management templates and many other skills. I have helped many parents navigate the 504/IEP process. A copy of my professional paper on ADD/ADHD is available from upon request.

Languages spoken/understood: English, Spanish 

95133 San Jose , CA
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Thu, May 14, 2020: 2:57 pm
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