ADDitude is the trusted resource for families and adults living with ADHD and related conditions and the professionals who work with them.

Since 1998, millions have trusted ADDitude to deliver expert advice and caring support, making us the leading media network for parents and adults living with attention-deficit disorder, and for professionals working in the field. We provide well-vetted expert guidance and in-the-trenches understanding to help you navigate the very real challenges that arise from ADHD and related mental health conditions. It remains our mission to be your most reliable advisor and ally, and a source of inspiration along your path to health and well-being.

In ADDitude, you’ll find practical solutions you can act on immediately, whether the challenge you’re facing is to:
…determine whether you or a loved one has ADHD, learning disabilities, or another condition
…research treatment options and find the right combination of medication and natural treatments to manage your or your child’s symptoms
…secure 504 or IEP accommodations for your child at school
…remove the isolation and stigma that still surround too many with the condition
…create organizational systems that will help you keep track of your keys and get to work on time every day
…distinguish symptoms of mood disorders, anxiety, learning disabilities, oppositional defiant disorder, and other mental health conditions from ADHD
…connect with a community of parents and adults who understand the intense emotions and daily joys and headaches of living with ADHD

We are committed to delivering the most accurate, engaging, and dependable information available about attention deficit.

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Our Products and Services

ADDitude’s multi-platform resource network serves almost 2 million unique individuals each month through print and digital, audio, webinars, social media, and more, including:

  • – The most comprehensive website for parents, adults, and professionals dealing with ADHD, learning disabilities, and related conditions.
  • ADDitude magazine – The award-winning print magazine mailed to subscribers quarterly.
  • Weekly newsletters – In-depth coverage for targeted audiences, sent directly to your inbox.
  • Live Webinars – Leading experts share insights and respond to attendees’ questions; free access to replays online and through our podcast.
  • Symptom Tests – Expert-reviewed self tests generate tangible results that you can discuss with your doctor.
  • eBooks – Comprehensive read-at-your-leisure coverage of a range of topics.
  • Free Downloads – Quick guides, tips, and fillable worksheets.
  • The ADDitude Directory – National listings of medical professionals, ADHD coaches, specialized camps, schools, and more.
  • Life stories – Inspiring first-person essays by people who share the emotions surrounding their diagnosis and living with ADHD.
  • Community – Real parents and adults come together to share treatment reviews and everyday tips and experiences.
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