Adaptive Designs

Adaptive Designs is operated by Dave Barclay, MA, OTR, and has been a contracting occupational therapist with the SCCOE for the last 12 years and have been making adaptive equipment exclusively for the last 3 years.

I also make excellent wheelchair ramps for a reasonable fee.

Phone Consultation

  • Advice is freely given. Sometimes the answer to your equipment needs is in your own closet. Maybe that old piece of equipment can be repaired or modified for specific needs.

    Onsite evaluation:

  • Fee: $75 for a one hour consultation/evaluation of the situation.
  • Benefits: I have almost 20 years of experience to bring to a problem-solving session and can usually suggest several options. If a piece of equipment is decided upon (i.e. a custom chair with adjustable seat depth and height) I can take measurements immediately and give you an approximate delivery date as well as an estimate.

    Equipment Design and Fabrication:

  • Fee: $75 per shop hour.
  • Benefits: I work mostly with wood, plastics and foam, and sometimes steel. I have a well equipped wood-shop and an industrial sewing machine for upholstery. I also have an excellent welding service that can fabricate metal designs as needed (i.e. steel mesh screen doors for autistic classrooms).

    Modification/Repair of Existing Equipment:

  • Fee: Hourly shop rate + travel time.
  • Benefits: Often commercial therapy equipment needs modification to provide a specific benefit not available on original equipment, i.e.:
  • A standing table needs a higher back plate and head support
  • A large piece of equipment needs a specially designed tray to accommodate a communication device or toy holder
  • A stationary piece of equipment would be more functional if it had wheels, etc.
  • Equipment that cost a small fortune is broken and needs repair.
  • Equipment does not exist in catalogues or a piece of equipment that worked really well has been discontinued.
  • A cardboard mock up of a positioning devise works well and needs to be duplicated in a more durable material such as wood or plastic.
2784 Lantz Ave.
95124 San Jose , CA
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Tue, Sep 06, 2016: 12:13 pm
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