Accessible Nature Travel Guide

Finding handicapped parking, restrooms, and smooth, stepless travel through tourist areas was often problematic, as was locating quality accommodations, dining, and access to nature. I gradually realized that when travelers with mobility challenges have advance knowledge of the terrain ahead, the result could be a vacation full of rewarding experiences and unexpected access.
While this guide seeks to provide easy passage for those in wheelchairs, it is also intended for those with canes, walkers, strollers, or just those with sore knees. Please be aware that my recommendations do not necessarily meet ADA guidelines, but do provide the traveler with options that have been reviewed with care and concern.
As this site is constantly being expanded and refined, I would appreciate any feedback about the accessible sites listed here, and any others you may know of. I hope your traveling adventures are relaxing and full of re-creation!
Tue, May 22, 2018: 10:57 am
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