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Caitlin has extensive experience working with parents, teenagers, and schools as a Silicon Valley educator, academic coach, and academic intervention specialist. Raised in both the United States and France, she is bilingual in French and English. She also holds a Master’s Degree in Education Administration and Supervision from San Jose State University.  

She has over twenty years of teaching experience in public schools.  She is the President and Founder of  All Minds Matter, an education center for parents and teens from Silicon Valley public and private schools. Caitlin excels at advocating for adolescents, and helping parents navigate the complexities of the education system.  She specializes in collaborating with students who are gifted and talented (GATE) or who have ADD/ADHD, depression, anxiety, or learning challenges.  Through academic coaching, she creates new pathways for teens and parents.

In work sessions, the Academic Coach and Parent:

  • Complete an initial in-depth assessment and intake interview  
  • Understand teen through parent's viewpoint
  • Talk about student's strengths, interests, life outside of school
  • Identify teen’s academic strengths and areas for growth
  • Discuss grades, transcript, psycho-educational evaluation
  • Discover what is interfering with academic performance
  • Review teen's use of technology, texting, social media
  • Discuss parent's educational philosophy and goals
  • Strategize to strengthen teen's executive function​ and more depending on your teen's needs
  • Assess home working environment and routines
  • Brainstorm ways to balance teen’s academic, social, and extra-curricular life
  • Plan meetings with teachers and counselors/phone calls/email
  • Prepare for an SST, IEP, or 504 meeting
  • Interpret information from a parent/school meeting
  • Discuss various student accommodations and intervention options
  • Access other instructional options: online courses, summer courses, SAT/ACT prep, college application process 

       and MORE depending on you and your teen's needs.

In a work session, the Academic Coach and Teen: 

  • check on-line for assignments
  • plan and prioritize workload for the week  
  • study and prepare for tests, quizzes, and presentations
  • monitor long term projects
  • edit papers
  • assess grades 
  • check for missing assignments
  • communicate with teachers
  • review rubrics and class notes 
  • organize workspace and backpack
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