Above and Beyond Tutoring -- Eve Sutton M. A.

Creative, resourceful, experienced with all ages and learning styles, Eve is your tutor, coach, professor and consultant for help "above and beyond" the usual services. You describe the  problems to be solved or skills to be learned. Eve designs an effective, flexible approach, bringing her own materials and adapting to each client's needs, skills, and interests.

Highly recommended, with local references. Available weekdays, evenings, weekends, school vacations. Fixed appointments start at $90/hour with 2-hour minimum appointment. (For tutoring, the first appointment is usually 2.5 hours including informal assessment, instruction, and consultation with parents.) Non-urgent work starts at $80/hour, for start time that Eve can adjust by a few hours or days.

TRAVEL CHARGE, light traffic: $3/mile each way, counting from Hwy 101 at Embarcadero for light traffic.  Heavy traffic:  $80/hour. Weekend appointments or phone appointments  might work better for clients in areas where traffic is too heavy on weekdays.

Eve helps children, teens and adults with challenges related to:

  • Academic Progress (reading, writing, math, science, social studies, etc.)
  • Adoption 
  • Chronic Illness  
  • Confidence 
  • English as a Second Language (ESL/ELD/ELL) 
  • Executive Function (organizing, deciding, completing tasks)
  • Penmanship 
  • Public Speaking   

Services available:

  • Tutoring, all ages, using various approaches (Waldorf, Slingerland, Montessori, Adult Basic Education, Socratic, etc.) and creating new methods as needed.
  • Helping adults understand confusing documents and procedures.
  • Test Preparation: ISEE, SSAT, GED, LSAT, SAT, GRE, CBEST, LSAT, etc.
  • Therapy (combined with academic tutoring, consulting with doctor): Sensory Integration, Vision Therapy, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Vocational Therapy, Behavior and Emotional Development
  • Curriculum Design:  lesson plans, lectures, worksheets, teacher manuals, textbooks, online instruction, scripts
  • Home Schooling: preschool, elementary, middle, high school
  • Family Support: coaching the parents, working with siblings, referrals to other services
  • Advocacy: full support for SST and IEP meetings, Parent-Teacher conferences
  • School Placement: choosing and entering a new school or university
  • University Students and Graduates:  Editing Resume, Cover Letter, or Job Market Paper for Job Hunt; Preparing Artwork, Manuscripts, Thesis, Dissertation for Submission, rehearsing for Oral Exams
  • Professional Development for Teachers: lesson plans, classroom teaching, workshops and conferences, curriculum design, in-service training, program development and evaluation
  • Executive Consulting: Organizing papers and tasks, project planning, research, business writing, public speaking, individual coaching or group instruction at your office
  • Stage, TV, Audio and Video Production: camera crew, video recording, directing, script writing, music composition and audio recording (ask for link to separate website)

Offering online instruction:  https://reachable.teachable.com

BACKGROUND:  Fully credentialed for California public schools (Multiple Subjects, English, Science, CLAD), with a Master's in Education from Stanford and wide-ranging continuing education, Eve has tutored and taught in preschools, K-12, Adult Ed, College and University classrooms. As an advocate, she helps parents and educators reach agreement on how to work within the system to help the student.

In her "other" life, Eve helps creative professionals with their research, performance, writing and publishing, visual arts, music composition and production for theatre, television and video.

keywords: college counseling

94303 Palo Alto , CA
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Thu, May 30, 2019: 10:21 am
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Eve is incredibly creative when it comes to teaching. She comes with a bag of tricks and no two students get the same lesson. My son and his friend who are both dyslexic had back to back lessons, so I was able to see her lesson plan for each boy. My son needed to work on holding his pencil. Eve brought in a skeleton model of the hand and taught my son all the different muscles and bones, how to spell them and their importance, ultimately working on posture and hand position, but in a very cool way. His friend loved knights and the medieval times. She helped the friend read out loud, create stories filled with castles and dragons, worked on sentence structure and cohesive writing. This is just a sample of Eve's enthusiasm and creativity. She has high expectations for her students and she works hard to get them to reach their goals.

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