Abantey - Role Play Workshops

Abantey offers role play games for teens and young adults. These are also available for special needs. (ages 10-up)

Social Skills & Attention Issues

The Roleplay Workshop has been extremely helpful for individuals wishing to develop social and interactive skills or those who need to work on attention issues. We provide a unique peer counseling forum with an atmosphere that is very different from a doctor’s or therapist’s office.

Our gaming environment provides a low-stress and fun atmosphere, that we have found often makes it easier for students to engage with both peers and authority figures, meaningfully contribute, and even develop leadership and self-efficacy skills.

Please contact us if you have a student who is interested in attending our programs so that we can do our best to accommodate his or her needs.

4014 Piedmont Ave.
94611 Oakland , CA
Tue, Jun 23, 2020: 9:52 am
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