Autism Spectrum Disorder Support and Information Group

Thu, Mar 08, 2018: 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

"A Perspective Unheard." Matteo, a 14 yr. old with autism, shares through his letter board what has helped the most. 

Over 5000 people have heard and benefited from Matteo’s insights as he shares his true autistic life experiences in front of an audience. Attendees leave his talks inspired, filled with a renewed hope for their own child on the spectrum and ideas to help them.


 He is one of the speakers at the AutismOne conference coming up this May (2018) and he was on the same panel as Temple Grandin at the 2017 USAAA Autism and Asperger's World Conference in Oregon.

“Truth is – autism, it’s not what you think.”  Matteo Musso, a 14 year old non-vocal teen with autism, shares his truth through a letter board. He will share what really made the difference when it came to his own growth and evolution, as well as his perspective on life as he experiences it through the lens of autism. In addition you will have an opportunity to ask Matteo questions regarding stims, diet, attitude, behaviors, school, therapies, exercise, and anything else you want to know that may help your child. “Here is my truth. It may not be yours. But I’ll explain mine. A perspective unheard.”  Matteo


Speakers: Matteo (Teo) and his mother Annette Musso (


What happens at the support group meetings?

Meetings are an opportunity for parents to meet informally and to share ideas, experiences and information. New families and caregivers are always welcome. Those who wish to share or simply listen are invited to attend.  PHP provides a forum for parents and professionals to get information.  Sorry, there is no childcare available.  Please sign in between 6:15-6:45pm.

Who facilitates the meetings?

Kat is the autism support group facilitator, she started her journey with autism 10 years ago when she and her husband received their son’s diagnosis.  She didn’t know anyone with a child that had autism and PHP’s Autism Support Group was a lifeline for her.  At her blog ( she shares her experience with other moms that have kids with autism.  

While you’re there...

There is a collection of excellent materials available on Autism Spectrum Disorder available for check-out at the PHP Resource Library for both parents and professionals.  


Thu, Mar 08, 2018: 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm
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