Search Tips

Keyword searching:

Ours doesn’t work like Google! Google hunts for each word you use separately, then ranks the results by relevance. We use all the words you use as a phrase, and only give you results that contain that whole phrase, then we give you the results in alphabetical order.
Keyword search works great when: you’re looking for a particular service provider and you know their name, or you’re looking for a less common service, or as a first try on almost any search, to find out what we have.
  • If you get no results, try simplifying your search by removing words.
EXAMPLE: You searched ‘dentists who use sedation’ and got no results. Try ‘sedation’ instead!
  • When you get too few results, take a look at one of the results you find. Look at the service tags. You may find you can get all of the providers who do what you’re looking for by searching using those tags.

EXAMPLE: I searched ‘lawyer’ and only found 8. This is because many lawyers call themselves attorneys or law offices. Take a look at the first record, and notice the service tag ‘legal’. Try that tag - we have 4 pages of attorneys/lawyers/legal services!

Services tag searching:

Browse our list of service tags, we may have just the list you are looking for. Want a list of speech pathologists? We have that!

Too many results searching services?

  • First, you can try combining the service tag with a keyword.

EXAMPLE: looking for a speech pathologist who specializes in oral motor issues? Click on the speech therapy service tag and enter the keyword search ‘oral motor’.

  • Second, you can combine service tags! To select a 2nd (or 3rd …) service tag simply hold down the control key while you click on the services you want.

EXAMPLE: looking for an advocate who is an attorney? Hold down the control key and select ‘advocate’ and ‘legal’.

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