Special Topics in Special Needs (First 5)

Tips & Strategies for Young Children with Speech Delays: Special Topics in Special Needs

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We are delighted to have Melanie Delacruz, a certificated and licensed speech-language pathologist, give a presentation on tips and strategies for working with young children with speech delays. Participants will learn to recognize signs/symptoms of language delays in young children, create opportunities for developing language and communication in everyday activities, and alternative methods of communication.

Sensory Integration Disorder and Its Impact on Emotional Regulation in Young Children

We are delighted to have Jodi E. Huber, OTR/L from As Children Blossom Therapy Center, join us to give a presentation on self-regulation in children with disabilities ages 0-5. Jodi will be covering: self-regulation, sensory processing, red flags and related diagnoses as well as interventions and strategies to promote self-regulation.

How to Recognize and Support the 5% of Young Children Who Have Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: Special Topics in Special Needs

Through interactive dialogue, vignettes and videos, Kathryn Page, Ph.D., will provide an overview of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders, with an emphasis on how this condition presents in young children and what we can do to help. Participants will come away with the ability to recognize and support children who may be on this spectrum, and to help caregivers adapt their approach.

Helping Young Children with Anxiety Thrive: Special Topics in Special Needs

In this highly interactive workshop, learn the biology of anxiety and how to recognize it in young children.  Leave with the knowledge of various approaches to help young children with anxious temperaments and anxiety disorder thrive.  Treatment approaches for typically developing children and for children who have developmental delays or disabilities will be presented.  Cognitive behavioral therapy, calming techniques, tips for children who are starting school, and reasons for why medication may be considered will also be discussed.

Learning Disability Simulation - Partner Special Needs Training


Experience firsthand through this learning disability simulation* different types of learning challenges faced on a daily basis by children/students with LD and/or ADHD challenges. A not-to-be-missed event for FIRST 5 partners, outside professionals and parents/caregivers, too!  You will emerge more sensitive, empathetic and better able to advocate for the child, no matter what his/her particular disability may be. *We use Experience Dyslexia materials offered through the International Dyslexia Association.


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A Life-Changing Tool for Person Centered Planning - Partner Special Needs Training

One Page Profiles are used around the world to help people get supports in a way that reflects who they are and how they want to be supported. From supporting children at school, through transitions, helping people succeed at work, managing health, person centered teams, planning for the end of life, and more.

One Page Profiles are practical and powerful tools to empower people in countless situations. Come gain knowledge and hands-on skills in facilitating and developing One Page Profiles with us! 

Supporting Families with Children who have Special Needs Pt II - Partner Special Needs Training

Discover insights, tools, and methods to collaborate with families that have a child with a known or suspected disability; understand parental grief; make use of community resources and PHP services; and work with parents who may have their own disabilities. The focus is fostering resiliency in these families and their young children and builds upon the basic training of the same subject.



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