Learning Differences/ADHD Support and Lecture Series

Mason Educational Mentoring, LLC

Mason Educational Mentoring, LLC provides services educational therapy and educational advocacy services from "Campbell to Carmel."

Mason Educational Mentoring, LLC was created to bridge the gap between student needs and their educational programs.

325 Soquel Avenue
95062 Santa Cruz , CA
Sun, Jun 07, 2020: 11:00 pm

Film Screening of The Big Picture: Rethinking Dyslexia

Sponsored by The International Dyslexia Association – Northern California

Directed by James Redford, the film recounts the experiences of children and young adults with dyslexia, including Redford’s son, Dylan. The film features interviews with highly successful individuals who have dyslexia, such as Sir Richard Branson, Gavin Newsom and Charles Schwab. The film will be followed by a panel discussion of parents and specialists ready to answer questions about reading difficulties and local resources. 

Ed Advocacy; Organize your Child's Education Records

Bring your child's educational records and hear ideas about how to organize them!

If you wish, bring a food item to share.  Coffee and Tea will be provided. 

Stay for an open peer support group, ask questions, meet other parents in our community! 

If you don't have all of your child's educational records, know that you can make a written request to your school district and they must provide them to you within five business days. If the school year has ended in your district, send your request to your school district office for response. 

Advocacy Workshop: Jump-Start Problem Solving: Effective Steps to Improve Your Child's Special Education Program Sooner

Jump Start Problem-Solving: Effective Steps to Improve Your Child's Special Education Program Sooner 

Loni Allen, Education Specialist, joined by the guest co-presenter: Susan J. Bardet, Attorney, Special Ed Legal Consults​

Special Ed Legal Consults primarily works with Bay Area companies that support their employees who are parents of children with disabilities by offering legal consults as employee perks. ​


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