Autism Spectrum Disorder

Education Advocacy Workshop; Parent-School Conflict

  • Resolving Parent-School Conflict
  • What Events Trigger Crisis?
  • Importance of Comprehensive Evaluations

Education Advocacy Workshop based on the book by Pete & Pam Wright; From Emotions to Advocacy; Second Edition.

Attend this workshop to improve your advocacy skills

Meet other parents in your community

The first two hours are a powerpoint slideshow 

The last hour is an open forum for questions and answers 

Coffee and Tea and a snack will be provided;  Feel free to bring a treat to share

Autism and Anxiety: How to Support Your Child - Autism Spectrum Disorder Support and Information Group

While many children and individuals with ASD are anxious about new situations or changes to routine, some experience symptoms of anxiety that are above and beyond what can be explained by ASD alone. 

This workshop is designed to address the needs of those living with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Anxiety. Specifically, it will cover:

Autism Spectrum Disorder Support and Information Group

                                                                                                                                                                                                          Special Needs Financial Planning
This workshop will give you a clear understanding of what the special needs planning process is, including an in depth look at:
- special needs trusts
- letters of intent
- life care planning
- ABLE accounts 

Autism Spectrum Disorder Support and Information Group

Creating An Appropriate IEP


The task of knowing what your IEP rights are and what to ask for can seem daunting.  By law, an appropriate IEP should prove your child is making "effective progress" in all areas of need. Learn how to prepare for the IEP Meeting, read and improve your child's IEP, create measurable goals, and how best to navigate through the IEP process.  There will also be a question and answer time after the presentation, so bring your IEP questions.


Autism Spectrum Disorder Support and Information Group

"A Perspective Unheard." Matteo, a 14 yr. old with autism, shares through his letter board what has helped the most. 

Over 5000 people have heard and benefited from Matteo’s insights as he shares his true autistic life experiences in front of an audience. Attendees leave his talks inspired, filled with a renewed hope for their own child on the spectrum and ideas to help them.


Autism Spectrum Disorder Support and Information Group: Play Dates and Beyond! Peer Interaction from Preschool through the Teen Years

Presented by: Debby Hoffman, M.A. CCC-SLP and Sue Day, M.S.  CCC-SLP,  Owners, Communication Zone in San Jose

This presentation will offer the participants background information and practical application and activities designed to minimize stress in the home while incorporating purposeful social interaction for the preschool child through the teen years.

You will come away from the presentation with:

Autism Spectrum Disorder Support and Information Group

Kat started her journey with autism 10 years ago when she and her husband received their son’s diagnosis.  She didn’t know anyone with a child that had autism and PHP’s Autism Support Group was a lifeline for her.  She recently started a blog ( to share her experience with other moms that have kids with autism.  She is looking forward to meeting everyone at the meetings!

Understanding Aggression and Self-Injury in Autism and other Developmental Disabilities

Aggression and self-injury are often caused by unrecognized or undertreated medical, environmental, sensory, psychiatric, or communication problems. This talk reviews best practices for approaching and supporting people with autism or other developmental disabilities who are distressed, and diagnosing and addressing the cause.

Speaker: Clarissa Kripke, MD, FAAFP
Clinical Professor
Director, Developmental Primary Care
UCSF Family and Community Medicine


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